Home. The ideal space you create to project your personal vision of surrounding world as the most accurate representation of yourself. Striving to embody all their biggest dreams in the house our clients make the highest demands to both aesthetic and practical elements which are pivotal not only during house construction but design creation as well. One of such fundamental elements is windows which perform range of important functions and tasks connecting exterior and interior space.


Our genuine desire to satisfy the highest demands of our clients through continuously improving technologies of window manufacturing has lead to creation of innovative product – wooden and aluminium QUALITA windows which combine natural thermal insulation and attractiveness of wooden materials giving a sense of elegance to the interior in concordance with high-strength, practical and durable aluminium on the exterior.


What we use is unique window profile system jointly designed with Schüco Germany Company that is based on the Schüco AWS 75.SI system striving to satisfy the highest demands in regards to design, comfort and safety as well as increase of energy efficiency and natural resource management. Our windows are designed with due regard to the requirements of our clients and features of operation in various climate zones during new constructions and modernization of the present ones.


Two-layer sealing rubber


The maximum two-chamber glass packet filled with gas (Argon or Krypton)


Base – aluminum profile Schüco AWS 75.SI +


Polyamide thermal bridge with FPU filling


Medium seal with energy-efficient properties


Acoustic seal TP


Easily removable lining from valuable wood species with the possibility of their installation already after the completion of all repair and construction works, which allows you to preserve the original appearance of the products. It is also possible to replace these linings, for example, when changing the interior.

Schüco fittings impress with their design, production and performance capabilities. Using these fittings gives us the range of irrefutable advantages: easy installation, variety of design, automation in accordance with high quality and optimum product safety and security. In this type of windows we use only concealed fittings made of stainless steel.
Owing to the fact that type block window system has concealed vent it can meet the highest requirements on energy efficiency and design conveying elegance and maximum transparency of the structure.
Installation of pneumatic restrictor is mandatory whereas adjustment of the opening angle up to 90° is optional at the request of the customer.
Opening types: turn, tilt-and-turn.

To date, the possibilities of our production
allow to produce the following types
alumo-wooden windows «QUALITA»:

Fixed window
Tilt-and-turn window
Turn window
Arched window
Polygonal window
alumo_win_5 alumo_win_6
Slide-and-tilt systems
Façade systems

Variants of design appearance

(1)Soft line
Soft line
(2)Calssic line
Classic line
(3)New line
New line

Sliding and sliding sliding system "QUALITA LIFE"


The system represents ideal combination of turn-and-tilt window and sliding element. It is user friendly and easy to operate. Even very large units can be fully opened or unit vent can be easily tilted for ventilation. Vents that are flush-fitted on the outside and face-fitted on the inside provide optimum weathertightness. Maximum weight of such vents is no more than 250 kg. Ball-bearing rollers ensure ease of operation, even with large sizes. We use Schüco PASK fittings for such sliding systems.

Types of finishing aluminum and wooden
window elements

Wooden clads are manufactured of high-quality ashwood only with possible coating in more than 20 shades using eco-friendly coating materials. In addition at the request of the customer it is possible to use exotic wood species such as merbau, walnut or meranti.
Coating of aluminium part of the window is possible in all shades of RAL colour chart, metallic shades or texture imitation of 40 wood species.

Pens and fittings

Apart from the clean seamless window outlines owing to concealed fittings elements the whole structure is visually attractive due to unified design of Schüco handles what allowed creating of uniform look of window and sliding systems.
In addition at the customer’s request it is possible to use any other designer handles.
Schüco fittings impress in terms of design, manufacture and performance capabilities. Using these fittings gives us the range of irrefutable advantages: easy installation, variety of design, and automation in accordance with Schüco fittings and optimum product safety and security. In this type of windows we use only concealed fittings made of stainless steel.

Additional options

Possible restoration of window elements. 10-year warranty and 5-year service and maintenance.
Remote-control opening.
Burglar resistance system.
Use of glazed unit as heating element.