In QUALITA we are fully convinced that doors are not just openings that separate rooms but defining element of the interior, which bears the beauty and functionality of living space.

Our company offers truly innovative technical solutions aimed at harmonizing the requirements of functional use and external appeal of products in the interior.


Interior doors are the subject of our constant technological and stylistic research. With that in mind our company is engaged in designing and manufacturing not only traditional interior doors but doors with aluminum frames, using the maximum advantage of the potential of aluminum profiles.


We offer a great selection of doors that are aesthetically attractive and combine the highest quality and absolute reliability during long years of operation.

The main advantage of doors from QUALITA Company is that our customer can order interior doors of any design and size, which gives them additional freedom in realizing their own interior.

As a bonus we provide our customers with a selection of finishes and interior design samples for complete understanding of visual appearance of future products.

Types of doors

Type 1
Doors with aluminum frame.
Type 2
Traditional wooden doors with linings.
Type 3
Door with a built-in frame coplanar with a wall.
Type 4
Door with one visible lining and a panel completely overlaying the opening.

Technical description

Features: any milled elements on the door panel, including 3D milling, and various decorative panels, including metal elements are available.
Types of finishing: tinting, blank painting, painting with visible texture, and polished surface of the door panel are available.
Material: Solid wood, slab material, veneer sheet (including veneer of exotic wood species), glass.
Hinges: invisible Anselmi Italy (butt hinges are available on request).
Maximum dimensions: any custom dimensions, height up to 2700mm.
Reverse door opening is available.
Lock: Hafele Germany/ AGB Italy.
Sealing element: Deventer Germany
Depth of frame: any
Sliding systems QUALITA
Technical description:

Material: solid wood, slab material, veneer (including veneer of exotic wood species), glass.


Maximum dimensions: any individual dimensions, height up to 3000 mm.


Fittings: Koblenz Italy, Hafele Germany.


Types of finishing: toning, dull painting, painting with visible texture, and also polished surface of the door leaf.


Features: any milled elements on the door leaf, including 3D milling, as well as various decorative inserts, including metal elements, are possible.