Natural wood is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly materials, which transits a special energy and aesthetics to space. At the same time it gives unlimited opportunities for creating any stylistic solution. Perfect angles, intricate pattern, horizontal and vertical wood textures – they are elements that emphasize the uniqueness of natural materials and express the trends, taste and character of the interior.


This is the furniture that projects your own vision of an ideal living space. That is why we pay extensive attention to the quality and reliability of the furniture manufactured.

We genuinely strive to satisfy the highest demands of our customers by manufacturing furniture for all types of rooms and premises, namely: bathrooms, hallways, study rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, children’s rooms.

dressing rooms

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Creating a dressing room on custom project you can always fill it with the necessary elements based on your needs, habits and wishes; so that every dress, tie or pair of shoes would be always placed at your convenience, and you would enjoy choosing your favorite clothes. This room will always help you keep order in your belongings by using targeted and ergonomic space.

QUALITA has considerable practical experience in designing and manufacturing optimal storage systems.