The kitchen is not just a place for cooking and eating, today it is a space that is the center of family communication that forms a home coziness.

The production of kitchens in QUALITA always begins with the development of a model of the future kitchen together with the customer and their designer. The design of this product is based on the principles of ergonomics, functionality and durability. Most importantly, it takes into account all the wishes of the customer and their lifestyle.

Based on our experience in working with customers, furniture for the kitchen should daily justify itself in the course of constant use and be maximally functional. The kitchen should fit your individual needs only.

Each QUALITA kitchen is realized thanks to the perfect balance of all components: materials, color, shape and filling.

As our experience in working with customers shows, furniture for the kitchen in the course of continuous use must daily justify itself and be as functional as possible. The kitchen should only fit your individual needs. Therefore, it is important that it was not only beautiful, but also practical.

We distinguish three main parameters of a functional kitchen:
optimally organized working processes
rational use of work space
highest convenience of motion
Let yourself create your special and unique kitchen which will become the part of your family traditions!

Facade materials: Solid wood, veneer sheet, panel material (MDF)


Case materials: laminated chipboard Egger (Austria) or plywood


Fittings and accessories: Blum, Hafele


Facade finishing: Tinting, blank painting, painting with visible texture, patination, gilding, and polishing of facade surfaces.


Additional options: Implementation of non-standard solutions.