Completed projects

In this section you can get acquainted with real photos of products,
which were manufactured by Qualita for various projects.

Office, Kharkiv. Qualita company made for this project: interior doors, furniture, wall panels.


Apartments, Kharkiv, Qualita company made for this project interior doors, furniture, kitchen, wardrobe, wall panels. Designer: Andrey Steiner.


Apartments, Kharkov, Qualita company made furniture, plinth, dressing room, railings for this project. Designer: Larisa Achkasova, Inna Sherbina.


Apartments, Kharkiv, The Qualita company made interior doors, furniture, wall panels for this project.


Apartments, Kharkiv. The Qualita company made a library for the project, a bar, an office as well as furniture for the children’s room.


Private house, Qualita produced interior doors, furniture, kitchen, wall panels for this project.