Completed projects

In this section you can get acquainted with real photos of products,
which were manufactured by Qualita for various projects.

Apartments, Kharkov, Qualita company manufactured furniture, plinth, dressing room, railings for this project. Designer: Larisa Achkasova, Inna Sherbina.


Apartments, Kharkiv, The Qualita company made interior doors, furniture, wall panels for this project.


Apartments, Kharkiv. The Qualita company made a library for the project, a bar, an office as well as furniture for the children’s room.


Private house, Qualita produced interior doors, furniture, kitchen, wall panels for this project.


Private house, Qualita company produced interior doors, skirting boards, furniture for this project. Designer: Dmitry Fomenko.


Private house, Qualita company made a kitchen for this project.